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Love is Love.


This is my best friend Chelsea before her junior prom with her boyfriend Luke. They were like any other teenage couple, dating for almost a year. They loved each other very dearly, even throughout their ups and downs. One day they got into a big argument, so big that she didn’t talk to him for an entire month, or ever again…
On May 22, Luke crashed his motorcycle into a utility pole on his way to work. He was pronounced dead on the scene. He had a giant bruise on his face from where the helmet had broke into his face. 
When Chelsea got back from the wake, she got a call from Luke’s grandmother, letting her know this. That you need to be stronger than hate. To be better than those times when you want to be angry, because the second you turn your back, a million things can change in an instant, and sometimes, theres nothing you can do to stop them. 
I love you Chelsea. I will always be here for you no matter what. <3
Rest In Peace L.E.W. 1991-2011 <3

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